Xylecide Anti-Fungal/Ringworm Shampoo (12 oz.)

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Xylecide contains Chloroxylenol (2.0%), an active ingredient known to be an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent. Try Xylecide on dog ringworms, hot spots (moist dermatitis), seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, kennel itch and other chronic skin problems. 


Wet animal thoroughly with water; apply a generous amount of Xylecide down back, working into lather by massaging into coat and spreading to head, underside, legs & tail. Rinse and allow animal to air dry. Repeat as symptoms occur or every 2-4 weeks as a preventative regime.

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Great success with your product

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I rescued a white English bulldog mix and originally thought he had mange and were in fear that we would have to have him put down by a vet. He could hardly walk and was so pitiful I can't even describe it. He had what I have identified from reading as Hot Spots, but you could not even imagine how bad this poor dog was. He had chewed his tail and rear so badly, it was blood, raw and just unimaginably terrible. He couldn't take one step without scratching or nawing his skin. We found your product Xylecide antifungal shampoo and SealnHeal spray the day after we rescued him. After just the first Xylecide shampoo and application of sealnheal, the results were amazing. We gave him his second bath two days after the first one and the results were again amazing. This dog looked like a new dog. Also, I had read that most times when a dog suffers from these hot spots, it can take months for them to stop scratching and nawing or biting the areas. The SealnHeal stopped this immediately.


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I have a very large German Shepard who swims daily in our pond. He went for a dip a few evenings in a row and ended up smelly like wet towels. I bathed him in a typical dog shampoo but the bad odor lingered. I went to our local Tractor Supply and picked up your Xylecide. Oh my! He smells so much better and so does my house. He isnt scratching anymore and the crusty sores are gone. Thank you for a wonderful product.