Skin Balm (4 oz.)

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Skin Balm affords relief to certain common skin problems sometimes referred to as summer eczema, kennel itch or hot spots (moist dermatitis).  These conditions are characterized by intense itching and scratching, followed by rough scaly skin and hair loss. More suitable for indoor use because of its non-staining, pleasant smelling formula. Skin Balm is recommended for rough, dry, scaly skin, loss of hair, and intense itching. In advanced stages, skin appears like elephant hide. Skin balm softens the skin, relieves itching and helps return your animal's coat and skin to a healthy state. If your dog or cat is constantly itching, scratching and gnawing, Skin Balm will bring fast relief as it gently soothes and aids healing to irritated areas.  For Dogs, Cats & Horses.  Directions for Use: Apply generously to affected areas once or twice daily.  Rub into skin with fingertips.  Wash hands after every application.  "Stamp Out Itchamacallits!"


Apply generously to affected areas once or twice daily. Rub into skin with fingertips

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Pleased Customer

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I have a lab pit mix who has been suffering from hair loss and scaly skin for years. I've changed his food to no grain food and his hair was still wirey, thin and the spots were not recovering. I've taken him to the vet in the past and he was tested for mange and it tested negative and the vet gave me a shampoo but it was costly and each visit was draining my pockets. I've tried coconut oil, vitamin e oil in his skin and fish oil pills and the list goes on with a still miserable and constantly itching dog that sheds hair and skin all over. The skin had become like dark aligator skin. I've been using Happy Jack's skin balm, ich no more shampoo and Tonekote for about 2 weeks and his skin is SOFT AND REGROWING HAIR!! Small spots of HAIR where the skin has become NORMAL AGAIN. I can not even begin to express how WONDERFUL THIS PRODUCT IS! I just wanted to say thank you, I will be continuing the 3 step process until he's back to his normal self. Thanks a million!!

Thank goodness for Happy Jack Skin Balm

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Our Black Oak Catahoula was a hot mess, literally! I had tried pills, chews and then then found Happy Jack Skin Balm. We have been using it for a couple weeks now and the itching has drastically decreased and his coat seems to be returning. It is a struggle to get him down as he weighs 100 lbs but once down he enjoys the balm massage. Try it! You will be pleasantly surprised. Thanks Happy Jack!