Sardex II Aerosol Mange Spray

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Perhaps the most technologically advanced treatment for mange Happy Jack offers - this odorless, grease-less, and stainless aerosol treatment is federally-approved for the treatment of mange mites on dogs.



Clip hair around all affected areas; if necessary, clip entire body. Then wash animal thoroughly with soap and water, rinse and allow animal to dry or wipe dry before application. Spray product on the affected areas, rub in slightly, allow to dry and then apply a second time. Repeat applications at 7-day intervals until the condition clears up.

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good stuff


We had two dogs with mange, one was a golden retriever, and the other a german shepherd, both had mange all over their entire bodies. I sprayed them with this stuff once, and rubbed it all over their bodies in July. The mange disappeared within one week. It is now late December, and the mange is still gone on the retriever, but the shepherd has a patch on his left hip. Will reapply more to him. this product did not seem to have any adverse effects on either animal