Happy Jack Mange Medicine (16 oz.)

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A pure vegetable, cod liver oil and lanolin base. Nothing else like it! Such soothing relief for skin irritations, fungi, falling hair, itching eczema, hot spots, moist feet and ears, ear mites, pus pimples and severe mange. Use on stubborn cases where others have failed and see for yourself. Mange Medicine is the closest thing to a cure-all for skin diseases that we offer. Although called Mange Medicine, this product is effective against a broad spectrum of skin conditions completely unrelated to mange.


Happy Jack Mange Medicine is a lotion.  Do not mix with water.  Shake bottle until sulfur mixes in with rest of solution.  Apply directly out of the bottle wearing rubber gloves to prevent staining & contact with your skin.  Take measures to prevent your dog from licking or rubbing the medicine off of the affected areas.  Do not wash off after application.  Use extreme caution with this product on indoor dogs, as Mange Medicine never fully dries & will stain carpet & fabric furniture.  Make sure that your dog is in a well-ventilated environment during treatment.  Duration of treatment varies depending on the severity of the skin disease being treated.  Apply once a day until you start to see small hairs grow in the affected areas of the skin, & until the skin returns to a healthy pink color.

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