What is your Return Policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase from KennelVax.com, we will refund your money 100% within 30 days of your purchase. Simply fill out the return form included with your order and mail the remaining portion back to us.

How do I apply Happy Jack Mange Medicine?

Happy Jack Mange Medicine is not diluted with water and needs to be applied to directly to the infected skin areas.

How often should I worm my dogs?

Treatment of dog worms depends upon the animal's age and environment. Mature animals that are not confined should require only two dewormer treatments annually. Pups may require 3 to 4 dewormer treatments prior to 12 weeks of age depending upon their living quarters and contact with worm eggs.

I just received my vaccines, and the ice packs appear to have 'thawed' - are the vaccines still good?

Don't be surprised if you find the ice packs even warm when you receive them. Ice packs and insulation are sufficient in providing you with fresh dog vaccinations under normal shipping of 3 to 4 days. Unless subjected to extreme heat, the dog vaccines will be fresh.
That said - regular ground service is not guaranteed within 4 days; as such we strongly recommend express (Overnight, 2-day) shipping and cannot be responsible for vaccinations when delivery is not made within 4 shipping days.

I see that I have 3 lines of information on the free brass nameplate for my personalized dog collar - what information should I include?

When in doubt - the phone number is the single most important piece of information on the collar. Quite simply, nothing brings a lost dog more closer to home than that quick reference to a direct phone call on the collar. For that reason, we recommend putting as many phone numbers on the nameplate as possible!

A typical, KennelVax collar will have the following information

Owner's First and Last name
Telephone Number 1
Telephone Number 2

In general, we recommend NOT putting the dog's name on the collar as someone may use the name to gain the trust of the animal, and take ownership of him or her.

What is the Happy Jack Flea Beacon?

The Happy Jack Flea Beacon is a device designed to control fleas in the home without the use of pesticides or professional exterminators

What happens when the Flea Strip is completed covered?

You can turn the flea strip (Gardstrip) over and use the opposite side! By the time both sides of the flea strip are full you have caught 500-600 fleas and are well on the way to total flea control!

Can the Flea Beacon harm my children or pets?

Absolutely not - it is completely harmless and contains no pesticides

How large an area does one Flea Beacon cover?

The Flea Beacon is readily moved about from room to room and from place to place in any given room. Thus, the area they cover is unlimited. Normally one Flea Beacon per household is sufficient. One the other hand two flea traps will work twice as fast as one so many of our customers end up ordering a second trap for quicker results.