Ear Canker Powder (1/2 oz.)

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A waxy, yellow, or reddish-brown ear discharge can also be a sign your dog has an ear infection, which can be a result of allergies, mites, polyps, overproduction of ear wax, excessive bathing or swimming (which can leave too much moisture in the ears), or other problems. On chronic cases of long duration, this powder brought complete recovery within two to five days. It promotes healing and dries up the inner ear canker as well as the external areas that may become sore and moist from the canker discharge. We recommend cleansing the ears with ether or hydrogen peroxide prior to application. Easy to apply squeeze container.


If necessary, snip top for easier flow. Cleanse area to be treated. Apply powder daily for 7-10 days.

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Cleared up a chronic condition

by -

I had been treating a very bad ear canker that our vet said was just a "chronic condition" and would not respond to many kinds of medicine that he prescribed. However, after using your ear canker powder and blowing into her ear with a straw, this condition has cleared up.

Great results

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You sent us Happy Jacks ear canker powder when I explained that we have 12 dogs and half have been having a black discharge from their ears. Three of them have been to the vet every two or three weeks where they flush the ears and pack them with a medicine and we are not to touch them for two weeks. This has been going on now for two years telling us it is either bacteria or yeast infection, they always give us a wash to flush the ears and it never works we have thousands of dollars in vet fees and medicines.

No kidding, after two treatments of cleaning and then putting the Happy Jacks canker powder in the ears they all have been cured, it is unbelievable after so many times not getting good results that this powder worked as good as it does. I will be taking this to the vet, they are good friends in addition to being our vets. And I am anxious to see what they say.